2019 goals and achievements


Even though the year is not yet over at the time of this posting, I chose to write of the accomplishments of the year through May 8th, 2019.  They are as follows:

We were able to complete all of the planting necessary to establish a beautiful bed of perenial evergreen's on the newly created bed at the northwest end of the house.  Thanks to the faithful, annual service of the Goss family from Virgina, a three tier 60 foot long PA Bluestone rock wall was installed around the boarder of the bed.  They also shoveled, raked and, in short, manicured the remainilng hillside adjacent to the bed and wall thereby completeing the landscaping of the entire north end of the house.  

With the assistance of the Whetstone's, this year's Senior Missinary couple assigned by the Utica Mission President to act as tour guides of the two homes (Knight and Stowell), and Lloyd Winward from Tempe, AZ, a veteran vollunteer of several years who joined us at this time.  The west side windows of the home, or for those of you who have been reading this blog since its inception, I'm talking about the exterior wall of the "lean-to" room at the back of the home. The four windows of this wall were cased and trimed with Cedar lumber cut to fit, then the trim siding painted to match the rest of the home.  The finished product concluded the stunning emergence of the home's original appearance, and it was beautiful. 

The balance of the time spent in "Colesville" this trip, was spent at the Stowell home trying to resolve some exterior lighting issues, i.e., the night lights illuminating the bronze statue of the Prophet Joseph were not working.  Thanks to the Whetstone's, they're working now.

Incidental to all of this, the Morrey's of South Jordan, UT and last summer's Sr Missionary couple assigned to the Knight home, showed up, principally to attend the baptism of a brother they had taught duing their time on their mission, but also to orient the Whetstone's into their role as "tour guides" for the homes.  On one but oh-so significant occasion, Richard Morrey asked me, "Raphael, what now".  The question jolted me because I too had been pondering the same question, what now.  The next day after consultation with my wife Shari and by phone with the Glenn's, Pat and Steve, and through mighty prayer, I answered Richard's question, "I think we're through". 

On the 8th of May, 2019 after the last paint stroke, the last nail driven, the last tool hung up and the last "punch-list" items of the house completed I was struck to the core with the spiritual impression that it's finished, it's completed, it's accepted of the Lord, and you are hereby released from your mission.  I conveyed this to Richard and added, "its time for us to move on and a new set of Directors called to serve in our place".  He was pensive, then responded, "I have the same feeling".

On the 18th day of June, 2019, a special board meeting was called by the Directors of Colesville Restoration Inc. at the Glenn's home in Provo, UT. Present were the Mecham's, the Glenn's and by invitation, the Morrey's.  The Painter's, Paul and Ann the other two Directors were appraised by phone. 

The most significant agenda item was item number one.  "The business to be conducted is the acceptance of the resignation of the current Board of Directors of Colesville Restoration Inc., so named".  The second item of business was the nomination of Richard E. Morrey as President/CEO of Colesville Restoration Inc., an Arizona Corporation.  The minutes were submitted to the Corporation Commission of Arizona where they were accepted and recorded on the 22nd of June, 2019.

I would like to take, begging your indulgence, one last time to thank each of you who have participated in this remarkable undertaking, the completed restoration of the Knight home in the Township of Colesville, NY.  There are nearly a hundred names on the list I keep near to my heart, but it would be nearly impossible to credit each name individually, but you know who you are, I know who you are,  and the Lord knows who you are.  Thank you and bless you.  There are, however, several names that deserve special recognition because without them, and the timing of their specific contribution, the progress and even the very survival of the "project" might not have succeeded. These are the people who have seen us through very critical times, they are; The Palmer's, Grant, Cindy and Monte of Mesa, AZ, who as Knight family descendents in 2006 were the first on-site hard working volunteers who labored mightly.  The Sherman's, Elaine and Phil, of Bainbridge, NY who volunteerd days of hard work and contributed in other significant ways to "make it happen".  Kermit Kirby, who as Branch President of the Green Branch organized several significant workdays whereby members of the Branch participated in performing miracles.  Stan Ferrin, Master Electrician of Mesa, AZ who donated his time and that of an employee to rewire the house, bringing it up to code and quite likely saving it from fire.  Richard and Cindy Morrey whose spiritual awareness made them return the day after their initial visit to ask, simply, "what can we do". Bret Crosby of Cowley, WY whose generous contribution caused us to apply to the IRS for status as an officially recognized non-profit corporation without which funds necessary to complete the "project" whould have been woefully inadequet.  Charlie Clayton of Santa Clara, UT, whose continueus and unlimited generosity paid for much of the restoration materials and work.  Gordon and Darrell Knight of Salt Lake City who contributed, helped, suggested and encouraged us every step of the way. The "Virginians" as we lovingly call them, Steven Luke, Chuck Harris, Gene Stark and Scott Seizemore, four men organized by Steven Luke to make an annual pilgramage to Colesville.  The Goss family, Aaron, Annabeth and their four adorable children who also came annually and were able to do in one day more than I would have expected in a week.  These are the ones at the top of a very long list who saw us through the difficult years and kept us going through some dark times.  I would also like to recognize the many docents whose volunteer service ot time, talent and in many cases financial support helped mightly. We are also indebted to the several New York Utica mission presidents and Preisthood Restoration Site Visitors Center Director's. 

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to leave with you my testimony of the gospel truthes borne to me over the last fifteen years.  I understand now better than ever before the nature of love, of faith, of concecration and devotion to our Saviour.  Moreover, I understand the importance of listening and then obeying.  I pray our pathes will one day cross again.

Raphael Mecham     





It's early in the year now, but we preceive our 2019 goals as being fairly straight forward.  That is, the continuance, or perhaps conclusion of the restoration of the Joseph Knight Sr. farmhouse which includes but may not be limited to the following. Please note, we are financially dependent on donations and contributions.

1) Complete the planting of shrubs and flowers in the newly created beds at the north end of the house.

2) Construct a masonry retaining wall around the edges of the beds, similar to the wall that is on the Northeast end adjacent to the front lawn.

3) Replace the three windows in the "lean-to" room, the room facing the Susquehanna river, with windows that match the other windows in the house donated to Colesville Restoration Inc. in 2018. 

4) Continued organization and cleanup of basement.

5) Re-roofing of the back side of house.

6) Painting of all new window woodwork.  The new windows have a primer application now, but need to have a top coat of exterior semi-gloss paint applied.