2019 goals and achievements

It's early in the year now, but we preceive our 2019 goals as being fairly straight forward.  That is, the continuance, or perhaps conclusion of the restoration of the Joseph Knight Sr. farmhouse which includes but may not be limited to the following. Please note, we are financially dependent on donations and contributions.

1) Complete the planting of shrubs and flowers in the newly created beds at the north end of the house.

2) Construct a masonry retaining wall around the edges of the beds, similar to the wall that is on the Northeast end adjacent to the front lawn.

3) Replace the three windows in the "lean-to" room, the room facing the Susquehanna river, with windows that match the other windows in the house donated to Colesville Restoration Inc. in 2018. 

4) Continued organization and cleanup of basement.

5) Re-roofing of the back side of house.

6) Painting of all new window woodwork.  The new windows have a primer application now, but need to have a top coat of exterior semi-gloss paint applied.