This shows the north end of home featuring the just completed rock/masonry work; specifically the walkway extending from the basement, the with the donated paver stone from the Priesthood Restoration Site. The basement wall and chimney chase rock-work is Pennsylvania Blue Stone. Note the 10 foot tree stump at corner of house, it was the remnant of the 80' White Pine tree we cut down that was threatening the end of the house. The tree, including stump, was harvested by a furniture wood worker from St. George, UT in October of 2018.

This photo shows part of the basement. When we started restoring the house in 2005, all the floors were sagging. We were fearful of a cave-in so in the first couple of years we temporarily addressed the problem by locating pole-jacks in certain critical spots. This year we replaced all 13 pole-jacks with 8" diameter posts and 6X6 beams. This is an example of the end result. With one exception, all twelve of the 1810 bark covered logs that made up the floor joists were solid as the day they were installed.

This photograph is of the front of the house facing east. The
windows shown here are five of eleven double pane, insulated, double sash windows donated by Jones Paint and Glass of Provo, UT. The photo was taken in April of 2018, too early for the flowers to have bloomed in beds

What you see here is the walkway coming from basement at north end of house, rock work around chimney chase and the landscaping (fill and mulch only) on either side of the walkway. Note, the pavers in the bottom of walkway were donated by the Priesthood Restoration site during its construction