Information on How to Volunteer and Help

In 2022, we will have many volunteer opportunities that we are excited to share. This coming year is promising to be a great year as we have had an unusual number of visitors visit thus far. 

Are you interested in volunteering?

IMPORTANT:  We are now taking applications for docents for the 2022 season.  Again, please contact Richard Morrey at 385-441-2414 or to submit an application for docents, and help with this season. 

The application is really simple.  All you need to do is send us your names, address, preferred mobile phone numbers and your email addresses.  A picture would be helpful.  A simple selfie is just fine.

Pleases insicate the preferred 2 week time slots.  Subit a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices.

A simple statement of why this opportunity would be meaninful for you would be nice.

Please do so soon as slots are filling up fast.  

Want to know who else has visited the Joseph Knight home?

Click the link provided:      See Our Visitors