• The finishing of the floors in the home was a labor of both love and frustration. We soon learned through trial and error, that commercial sanding machines were simply not up to the task. The uneven, knotted and gnarled 200 year old floor- boards tore up the sanding disks like paper in a shredding machine

  • So sisters Pat (foreground) and Shari got on knees, and with scrapers, electric hand sanders and much energy proceeded to work the floors. Several other "friends" assisted in this back breaking work.

  • Steve, the genius of clever innovation, suggested the use of paint and varnish stripper. Several gallons and many days later, layer upon layers of paint, varnish and floor wax had been successfully removed.

This is the "Ta-Da" moment. Shari is showing the floors off in September of 2014. After a final application of three top coats of urethane sealer the floors were finally pronounced "FINISHED"!

  • This photo is taken from the stairs looking upwards to a wall on the upper landing.

  • This photo was taken looking north from one of the home's original upstairs bedrooms. This room has been identified as the "boys" bedroom and would, therefore, most likely have accommodated the Prophet Joseph during the time he labored for Joseph Knight Sr.

  • One of the six rope beds that have been restored to the home. The beds, all circa 1815, were found and acquired from one or more of the numerous antique stores in the area.

  • This photo features the pine and hemlock wall boards that were restored to the two upstairs bedrooms. The floors were stripped, sanded and stained in the fall of 2014. The walls were finished at that time also.

  • These three photos feature the other upstairs bedroom, or the "girls" room.

  • The "finished" room with ...

  • ... two rope beds, a single and a double and furniture commonly found in farm homes circa 1815.

This is a photo of the kitchen fireplace replication installed in June of 2012. The swingarm and andirons, as previously explained were installed in September of the same year. The portrait on the fireplace mantle is of Joseph Knight Jr.

Much has been shown and stated concerning the new walkways. This is simply a photo of the nearly finished product as of Late October. 2014. An update to this photo will be posted in June of 2015 showing new and beautiful lawn.

A glimpse into the pantry, off the kitchen and in the lean-to room. Visible in the photo is an 1815 circa cabinet and floor bin.

Another view of the Pantry. Note the "Dry Sink" in the left corner foreground. This was purchased from a local antique dealer and donated to the restoration courtesy of Ron and Barbara Rossiter of Arcadia,California.

More furniture from the period, this from the parlour room.

This is the combination chapel/bedroom in the lean-to. The wall to the front (behind the stand) is original vertical wall boards. The door to the front exits, left, into the parlour. The door in the left side wall, barely visible, exits into the basement. To the rear, partitioned by a plank wall is the Pantry.

The upstairs landing. This photo was taken in September of 2014. Not visible is a single rope bed to the right of the spinning wheel.

This photo is of the home's Kitchen. The visible doorway leads into the Pantry. All furniture and tableware are authentic to the period. The bible, on the table, is an 1828 Cooperstown addition, common to the time and the area.