The home as viewed when we took possession in 2005.

Another view of home in 2005.

In the second year (2007), this rock wall was constructed by Paul Painter and Clint Shafer of Tempe, AZ, and Matt Westover of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

Photo of the stripped and exposed common wall between room presumed to be the original kitchen and the stairwell. Railing, balusters and newel post were subsequently reconstructed. 12" Vertical planking is original construction.

During the first 5 years of tearing out, cleaning up and hauling away, five commercial dumpsters were filled. At times we thought the cleaning and preparation would never end.

Good shot of the original posts and beam construction. This room is the home's original kitchen. Though the rock foundation supporting this "blue wall" supported a massive fireplace stone, the fireplace had to be reconstructed.

This is the "lean-to" room referenced in the narrative on the page "Who Are We". Note the window at the far end that is still covered with exterior siding, it's the original window referenced in the narrative.

Two of the Directors constructing the "above ground" foundation and well house in 2008.